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Joe W4JSM (L) and Bill W4ASE (R) - Present their Elmer, Neal W4OVS (sk), with an award.
Last updated 3/03/2019   11:25 am
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The Commander Lives....
Read my article on the rebuild of the Commander HF-2500 that took a swim - Click on the "Commander HF-2500" tab on the left 
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My New QSL Card
For years I have just purchased QSL cards from the easiest source. Never really had anything distinctive, just serviceable. A few months ago I decided to step up my QSL card a bit. I contacted Jim Massara N2EST (web site http://hamtoons.net ) do an original drawing for my new QSL card. After some discussion this is the card we came up with. Jim is a professional cartoonist/animator/graphic designer and you have seen his work in QST and other Ham publications.
This is in fact my work bench. Albeit a bit cleaner than normal.