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It all started in Athens, GA early in 1964 when George Norton W4EEE(sk) took a group of young "know it all" kids under his wing and taught us to be something called a "Ham". Among George's "helpers" were - Claude Leathers W4FGU(sk), Willy Nunez W4PGV(sk), Ernest Alman W4LXL(sk), and Neal Browder W4OVS(sk). One night, at the Athens Memorial Park Ham Club House, after a grueling night of us sitting around the instructograph code practice machine, I think the 5 of them drew Coke bottles for distance. Neal drew the short distance bottle and had to administer the code test to us all. This great group of guys were my Elmer's and I will always be grateful to them. They truly instilled in us the meaning, tradition and attitude of what it meant to be a HAM.

Certainly along the way there have been others that helped me as well among them are WB4EEN, WB4EEM, WB4TLK, K4VF, W4EOG, W4AAY(sk), W4HRR(sk), W4ZP, W4ALK(sk), W4ZRZ and many many others. Now 55 years later Ham Radio has always been a part of my life as a hobby, in my business and in my personal life. A gift given to me by a number of very unselfish people that has meant so much to me over the years.

Thanks to all of you who helped along the way!
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